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Action Plan: Important Takeaways from the January 18, 2024, Seminar: "What May the Year 2024 Bring That Could Affect Your Estate Plan?"

If you attended the January 18 Seminar, the following are some of the important takeaways from the presentation:


  • Do you need to update?  Set up a check-up appointment.  Remember: Birth, Death, Marriage or Divorce, Debilitating Disease, Death, and at least every 4 years

  • Meet with your Financial Planner or CPA to determine if you have an Estate Tax issue.  If you do, call for a check-up appointment to discuss your options.

  • If you recently lost a loved one, call for the "Letter."  If you are concerned about a parent or the surviving spouse, have them call to set up at Estate Planning meeting or a check-up meeting to make sure they have everything in order.

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