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Action Plan: Important Takeaways from the March 21, 2024, Seminar: "What are the Basics of Estate Planning?"

If you attended the March 21 Seminar, the following are some of the important takeaways from the presentation:


  1. Schedule a block of time to pull out your estate planning notebook.  Review your documents, especially those sections that cover the basics: 

  • Who is in charge? 

  • Where do things go?

  • How does it go (outright or in trust)?


  1. Confirm the beneficiaries on your qualified account (IRAs, 401(k)s, etc.) and, if you have a Living Trust, review the “Memorandum” under the Assets tab in your Notebook for general rules on titling assets with a Trust. 


  1. If you have not updated your estate plan in the last four or five years, call for a check-up appointment.  Even if your wishes have not changed, the laws often have.  And, for those with large wealth (more than $7,000,000 or $8,000,000), there may be changes ahead in the federal estate tax exemption that could affect you.

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