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Which Scams Do You Need to Again Watch Out For This Year? The IRS' "Dirty Dozen" of 2023.

We are now in tax season. Accountants are geared up and ready to go. As in past years, tax scammers are out in full force. Every year the IRS publishes a list of its "Dirty Dozen" tax scams with information about tax scams and how to avoid them. In no particular order, the "Dirty Dozen" of 2023 were:


  • Fake Charities

  • Phishing (attempt to acquire sensitive data, such as bank account numbers, through a fraudulent solicitation in email or on a web site, in which the perpetrator masquerades as a legitimate business or reputable person) and Smishing (using fake mobile text messages to trick people into downloading malware, sharing sensitive information, or sending money to cybercriminals)

  • Social Media:  Fraudulent Form Filing and Bad Advice

  • Unscrupulous Tax Return Preparers

  • Online Account Help from Third-Party Scammers

  • Employee Retention Credit Claims

  • False Fuel Tax Credit Claims

  • Spearphishing and Cybersecurity for Tax Professionals

  • Offer in Compromise Mills

  • Schemes Aimed at High-Income Filers

  • Bogus Tax Avoidance Strategies

  • Schemes with International Elements



Remember, always be careful because there are many different scams. Some of them are obvious while others are more difficult to detect. The IRS encourages all taxpayers be vigilant year-round, not just during the tax season.

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